Pad Yatra will inspire youth: Michelle Yeoh

Goa, 30th November 2013: She was here two years ago as part of the entourage for the film ‘The Lady’, which was the closing film at the 2011 IFFI.

This year Asian star Michelle Yeoh wears two hats. One, as the chief guest for the grand closing ceremony and the second, as the executive producer of the docu-film Pad Yatra, which she says will inspire the audience and the youth.

“Pad Yatra will surely inspire the audience and the youth. I have not been on a pad yarta per say, I have to admit. The movie is about how one should let go of material things in life,” she said at a media conference held at the IFFI venue on the closing day.

Yeoh said that with booming technology and new inventions, most people had closed our senses to world around us, especially the nature and beauty.

“I think life is not always about equality. Love and respect starts from home. We should live in harmony and great respect,” she said.

The great actress also said that more than empowering women, men should also be empowered to stop violence and inequality against women.

She however said that women were stronger and independent now than before..

“I am very blessed. I cannot impose my views on others or show arrogance. Each individual has to live by their own view and philosophy,”she said.

Speaking about her connection with India, Michelle Yeoh said that she plans to shoot two films in India, but also added that it was “too early to talk” about the project.

“We are still ideating the script,” she said.

Asked to comment about her experiences in stunt films, Yeoh said in comic vein.

“In real life you don’t get a chance to bash 5 people rushing toward you. That is when the cinema magic happens where you get to perform every stunt, jump from buildings and do the entire cool stuff,” she said.

The 50-year-old actress also said that one should never let “age limit you capacity”.

“It is how you maintain you physical and mental well-being. It is not about the gender but about being able to do the job,” she said

His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, who was also present on the occasion said that his desire was to perform a Pad Yatra every year, in order to promote education.

“We want to inspire the generation ahead with Pad Yatra. I want to spread (the message),‘Live and Let Live’. We should be friendlier to animals, nature and people. We humans just keep on killing. We need to spread love and respect,” he said.

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