No Arjuna Award for Renjith Maheshwari

Triple jump national record holder Renjith Maheshwari who had recently participated in 14th IAAF World Championships in Moscow was recommended for the Arjuna Award and now the government is saying that the athlete is not eligible for the same.

Now it is official that Renjith Maheshwari will not be getting the award and his named was removed from the list. When the media person approached after the news that he was nominated for the award he told that he was excited about that and he has to be more responsible towards the game as well as to the country as a whole.

P Ranganathan has told that “It was surprising to see Renjith Maheswari the ace Kerala Athlete being neglected Arjuna Award.  It seems Kerala sportsmen are being side lined by the other lobbies finding new fault in sports persons, Cricket as well as in other sports.  Clean and thorough enquiry should be done as our federation are under the scanner. “

The award was expected to be presented today evening by the president of india and official information has been passed to renjith maheshwari that not to attend the function. Renjith was not given the award is just because he was earlier suspected for drug / steroid usage and this was brought to the limelight during the last minute by Hindusthan Times.

Several media persons who have been actively covring the sports have asked that why the government has not conducted an inquiry before the nomination and it might be a planned operation against the athlete.

Currenlty renjith and his family is in delhi to receive the award tha attend the function. Yesterday the athlete has attended the rehersal of the function and later on it was told that there is no award for him.

Is there any lobbying for Arjuna Award? Media persons have been asking about this factor since when Tom Joseph has been removed from the list of Arjuna Awardees several times in the recent years. The issue regarding Tom Joseph has been actively discussed by the media and several MP in the recent past. This is now a second blow to the enthusiasti c young athletes of kerala.

Is the govenrment and central sports ministry ridiculing the athletes of Kerala in the name of Arjuna Award.

If a person is not deserving an arjuna ward then why the sports ministy is including his named in the nomination list?

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