Motor Vehicles Department Road safety measures

As per Section 129 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, wearing of helmet by riders of Motor Cycle is compulsory. Motor Vehicles Department, the implementing agency of M V Act has now-a-days implementing this section with the help of Kerala Police. The special drive has started wef 20.09.2013, and is going on.

The result of the implementation is so rewarding. A general awareness among the Public was aroused. A large number of People in the Society is wearing the Helmet and the trend is going upwards. As per the available records from the State Crime Records Bureau, the accident rate has got reduced during the above period, the death figures has diminished. The media, both the print and visual, hails the initiative and as per their reviews, the incoming of accident victims at the hospitals has considerably been reduced. Public has welcomed this programme as is evidenced by various e-mails received by the Department.
Hence hereby I want to say, as the Road Safety Commissioner, that, all scenes of a motor cycle riding will be shot/ shown, with the helmet duly worn by the rider. A warning regarding helmet wearing like in the case of Tobacco/Alcohol is much appreciated. Otherwise we will be forced to register cases against those who shoot riding scenes without helmet, because a ride is a ride.
A huge segment of society watches T V serials and films, and they will be wrongly inspired to ride, if the actors on serials / films are shown riding bikes without helmet or drivers or passengers sitting in front seat without seat belt. In Hollywood cinema or in American T V shows, actors are only shown riding bikes with helmet and driving cars with seat belt put on front seat.

I remain,
Yours sincerely,

Rishi Raj Singh IPS
Road Safety Commissioner & Transport Commissioner

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