‘Man’s desire for a fifth wife’ is about real Afghanistan



Goa, 27th November 2013: The director of the film ‘Man’s desire for a fifth wife’ has generated a lot of interest during the ongoing International Film Festival of India.

At a media conference the film’s producer Murad Hamidi said that the film was as real as the issues faced by Afghanistanis.

“We wanted to portray the real issues Afghanistan is facing with war and fights happening all the time. With so many back logs, we still took a big risk and here I am today in front of you in Goa and I feel delighted,” Hamidi said about his journey.

He said that the movie was the first high profile film, made in Afghanistan in the last more than six decades.

“After 66 years, Afghan produced a high profile movie. We have planned another film next year. If we receive some support, not financially per say, but from someone who can provide us guidance we would love it,” Hamidi said.

The film was screened on 25th November at IFFI.

Sediq Abedi, director who is also the lead actor and script writer thanked the government of India and IFFI for inviting the film’s team.“The film is a real story about Afghani people, their lives, circumstances and the conditions they live in. In the film, we have shown our culture as it is and wanted a medium for screening where the audiences can glance through the real Afghan culture,” the multi-talented artiste said, adding that there are only 15-20 cinema halls in the war-stricken country.

Associate director Neelofer Shama said that the film was the great learning experience and a big task for us.

“We had to take equipment and technicians from India. Our mind was made but no one was providing any equipment. I was a little scared to go there but with my family’s support I managed to explore this opportunity,” she said.

Takmina Rajabova, a Tajikistani actress who has acted in nine films plays the role of the third wife in the movie. She found the film interesting; despite admitting that initially she was skeptical about it.

“My role was of the third wife which was very interesting. When Mr. Abidi came to select and actress, I was introduced to him. I was skeptical at first but then I could not thank him enough for making me a part of his film,”

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