Trivandrum: Malappuram created victory with spectacular hopes in the fifth match. They gave a warm blow to the Wayanad team.Wayanad who began batting had 70 runs in 8 overs for their credit.Malappuram team captured success by rolling the fourth ball to the boundary in eight overs.

Malappuram, though started with slow batting targeted their success in the last overs.The team was in a situation to bag 22 runs in 12 balls which was inevitable for their victory. It was Mustafa’s shot with 3 sixes in the seventh over led the team through the path of success. The star of the team Musthafa scored 32 runs in 19 balls.

Wayanad opted batting after gaining toss.Wayanad took 70 runs with a loss of three wickets. They were quite despondent as they lost two prominent wickets in the very first over.Anoop of the team acted as a savior. It was he who gained the highest score of 56.But the first half century was a failure.
It was their performance in batting that led to victory, says Malappuram team captain Shamseer.
Though batted fairly, the main reason for losing the game was quitting runs according to the Wayanad team captain K.K.Anil.

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