Major renovation going in and around padmanabhaswamy temple

Major developments taking place around Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Trivandrum for which an amount of Rs 78 crore has been sanctioned by the government. Out of major developments prominent ones being a system to book darshan time in advance, multi-level parking facility for devotees etc.

The parking facility which is being built in Sree Chithira park near to the Temple will serve the needs of devotees coming from outside Kerala. A system to book the darshan time in advance will also be helpful for those who are visiting the Temple especially from the northern part of India.

Currently, the work of removing the overhead wires and cables and make those connections live via underneath earth is going on. Once this work is completed there will be no cables or connection wires, which are heading towards the temple, will be running over head., as the temple is in special security zone this work is a much-needed one.

New cameras are being installed in and around Temple premises in order to tighten the security. A couple of weeks back there was a News that the number of security personals who were deployed has been drastically reduced. With new surveillance cameras in place, it will help to clearly monitor the activities taking place in and around the Temple and will definitely rectify the service gap created by the lack of security personals.

But according to common belief especially with regard to people living in Trivandrum, there is no need to have security for Padmanabha Swamy as the diety itself has the power to protect the Temple and the city as well.

The pathways leading to the Temple currently seems to be ploughed as the tarred roads are to be replaced with paving tiles in a week., this work is actually causing some difficulties for the people living around the Temple and they are happy that the government is doing something that is good for the Temple.

The developments are being done as part of central governments initiative to modify and improve the infrastructure of temples and cultural heritage sites across India.

The biggest menace faces by the people of Trivandrum is the improper Waste management, likewise, the other parts of Trivandrum, the Temple is facing the same issue. In order to permanently solve the issue regarding waste management, a biogas plant is also set up as part of the on-going renovation works.

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