Lords to organise awareness programme on stroke

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 27 – Lords Hospital, a multidisciplinary hospital here, is organising an awareness programme on stroke, a disease that kills one in every six seconds.

The programme to be held on World Stroke Day, October 29 at 4 pm, is aimed at creating awareness among the public and medical professionals on the epidemic manifestations of this disease, if left unchecked.

The Trivandrum Stroke Registry has found that the median age of stroke patients is 67 years, cutting across urban and rural populations. A high 77 per cent of stroke patients are aged over 60 years.

Dr KP Haridas, Chairman and Managing Director, Lords said, “Stroke can turn out to be a major problem for Kerala where 10.5 per cent of the population is aged over 60 years. Again, the disease can pose a heavy physical and financial burden on not just patients but also their families considering that 57.8 per cent of the elderly in the state are dependent. The silver lining however is that stroke can be prevented through a series of lifestyle adjustments.”

Dr Robert Mathew, Senior Consultant Neurologist will lead the programme, which will lay bare some best practices for prevention and treatment of stroke. “This brain disease in the elderly characterised by sudden onset of weakness in one side of the body can be best treated if the patient is brought to the hospital within 4.5 hours of onset of symptoms.”

“Training to family members and caregivers on various aspects of care of stroke survivors is significant for the long-term management of stroke,” added Dr Mathew who has international publications on neurology to his credit.

The World Stroke Day is part of a global campaign by Geneva-based World Stroke Organisation to fight stroke around the world. The theme of this year’s campaign is “Because I care …” to address prevailing misinformation about the disease

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