LDF Secretariat Strike in Trivandrum

Day 2

Pinarayi vijayan has told that the indefinite strike organized by LDF will be part of the history and declared that the strike has been concluded as government has ordered for Judicial Inquiry.

LDF protestors are in a state of joy and it is expected that the strike will end in a short while from now.  All the party members from different parts are joining in front of secretariat. LDF camp considers declaring a judicial inquiry is the first step towards the resignation of the chief minister.

It is expected that the indefdefinite strike orderd by LDF will conclude on the second day. Pinarayi Vijayan and other eminent leaders of the LDF are reaching the centre stage of the strike infront of secretariat. An urgent LDF meeting will be convened considering the present situation.

Oommen chandy has asked the LDF to withdraw the blockade strike as the chief minister has declared a judicial enquiry. Terms and reference for the judicial inquiry can be discussed with LDF and suggestions from opposition will also be considered. The inquiry which is underway by the special investigation team will be concluded in a couple of days and no government money is wasted or misused with regard to solar scam. Chief minister has also stated that all the culprits in the solar case will be brought before the law.

In the press conference Chief Minister Oommen chandy has said that a judicial enquiry in the solar scam and it will be conducted by a sitting judge and official declaration will be given in the next cabinet meeting.

Government is willing to and taking steps to finish off the siege by agreeing some demands put forward by the LDF. This was a decision taken in the all party meeting of UDF in Trivandrum. The decision was taken to go forward by declaring a judicial inquiry in the solar scam. By agreeing to the demand for judicial inquiry 1 need put forward by the LDF will be fruitful.

Today is the second day of secretariat siege organised by LDF. Two days holiday has been declared for secretariat but the siege will continue. The preparations for the independece day parade is underway in central stadium in Trivandrum. A police vehicle has been stoned by protestors today morning near by bakery junction. CPM has told that the event has become a success.









Day 1

Website for LDF indefinite secretariat strike launched www.uparodham.in

Citing the incident which has happened in bakery junction, Home minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has told that the LDF leaders were not able to handle situation. He also stated that as the kerala police stood calm otherwise the situation might have taken a violent turn. He has also informed that no cases has been registered against Pinarayi Vijayan and VS Achuthanandan.

The indefinite strike organized by LDF is continuing in Trivandrum. There were disruptions in Bakery Junction and the party leaders have intervened to calm down the situation.









UDF MP’s has stated that it is disgrace for kerala as well as left front MPs to generation attention about the solar case and the indefinite LDF secretariat in the parliament.

As per information from the chief ministers office about 2607 employees has reached their offices in secretariat which is about 66.7% of the total employees and out of 25 secretaries 19 were also present.

High court has ordered that government should inform the court about the measures they have taken against the LDF secretariat strike in trivandrum. High court division bench has to be informed about the security measures undertaken by the government.

Active participation of the party officials are giving more encouragement to the cadres who are involved in the secretariat strike. Ignoring the heavy rainfall in morning party cadres and officials have stood still in front of the secretariat.

Pinarayi Vijayan has asked the protestors to keep discipline and not to provocate the police. He has also said that the strike is the emotion of the common man and it will be part of the history. Party secretary has also stated that barricades are not at all a hindrance to peoples emotions.

Police have registered a case against the LDF strike by making VS Achuthanandan as the prime accused. Case has also been registered against thousands of other people who have participated in the strike.

Chief minister has told that there will be no provocation measures from government side. Chief minister has asked other ministers to not to stay in secretariat offices as that will provocate the protestors.

Ministers vehicles has been stopped by the protestors near bakery juction. In baker junction protestors from districts like kozhikode, kasargod and wayanad were assembled and they didn’t allowed the official vehicles of Aryadan Mohammed and VS Sivakumar to pass by but the vehicle of Chief Minister oommen chandy has surpassed the protestors and reached governors residence in vellayambalam. Chief ministers office has told that it is just a routine visit.

There was minor disturbances in the trivadrum city with regard to ldf strike as stones has be thrown against a police vehicle in vellayambalam, trivandrum and the driver got injured. The vehicle which was bringing secretariat employees has been attacked. Employees has entered the secretariat through the cantonment gate.

Chief minister has told that there will be no delay of judicial inquiry in the solar scam. Shri oommen chandy has also said that the police inquiry into the solar scam is in its final state and after that judicial inquiry can be conducted.

During the Inauguration meeting Prakash Karat has blamed chief minister oommen chandy for the solar scam as he was aware of what was happening. He also stated that chief minister should resign if he has got some responsibility towards the common man of kerala while officially inaugurating the strike. He also said that the railway minister Pavan Kumar Bansal has resigned just because his relative was involved in the railway scam.

The blockade and siege organized in front of secretariat by the LDF has started in trivandrum with party members from various districts of kerala thronging trivandrum.

Day before LDF Strike

Thoursands of party members has reached trivandrum before the start of the strike. Majority of the Party cadres have reached the venue from various area committees of the state by the bus and by train as there was a rumour that private vehicles will be blocked in the district borders. Even though there are many people who have booked private vehicles to reach trivandrum.

“I have enjoyed the journey and was a unique experience”, a party worker has told while he was getting down from the banglore-kanyakumari express who were coming from kannur. As most of the compartments in the train were filled with part cadres, there were hot discussion about the future of this strike organised by LDF. More people have reached trivandrum by Parasuram Express, Nethravathi, Venad, Sabari and janasathabdhi. A huge number of people have also relied on KSRTC buses to reach here.

As per the party officials every thing has been perfectly organized to make this strike a success. Food for the cadres will be offered through 15 locations in trivandrum city and food will be prepared adjacent to these locations. Preparation of food has started in the early morning and today and only lunch and dinner will be provided and from tomorrow onwards breakfast will also be included by serving Uppumaavu.

All the schools in trivandurm city has been given holiday for Monday and Tuesday.











Military Units like ITPB and CRPF has arrived in trivandrum to take care of the law and order in the city if any disturbances happen as part of the LDF Strike which is about to start on Monday.

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