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balan-madhavanAbout the Contest

We ,Trivandrum News, is simply serious about conducting some activities in association with people like you to save our environment and Mother Earth.  As a part of this we are excited to announce this online photography contact named – ‘ Know Your True Neighbours “,  being launched in association with Balan Madhavan.


Who is Balan  Madhavan?

Balan Madhavan is the only Senior Fellow from India who figures in the International League of Conservation Photographers ( from India. He is also one of the 5 fellows from the whole of Asia in this elite group of 107 nature photographers who are also National Geographic contributing photographers. Balan is also an UN award winner in nature photography. He divides his time between his commercial assignments for the travel industry and his passion which is nature & wildlife photography. A dedicated teacher, Balan Madhavan has conducted hundreds of photography workshops and photo tours for both the aspiring amateur as well as the experienced professional photographer.

Who are your true neighbors ? –

Is it someone who helps you to have a good and clean environment in and around your home and links you truly with nature ?

Yes , a scavenger may be your best friend and true neighbor . A crow , though makes you unpleasant by its harrowing ‘ musical’, does a fine job for you . Please don’t keep it away at your stone throw as an ugly one .  Find some aesthetic value at a crow .

Have a few snaps of it in scavenger’s role keeping your environment clean . Watch its behavior closely in certain environmental angle . A harrowing crow or a crossing black cat isn’t a bad omen like many other ‘friends’ at your home , in your garden and around you. Watch their behaviors , have some snaps and send it to us.

You will be then helping the Mother Earth to sustain on for all of us . Keep an eye around you and know your true neighbors .

Who can participate?

If you love the Mother Earth and believe that we have to secure our nature for our well being as well as for the healthy life for future generations then you are absolutely eligible to participate in the contest.

How to participate?

Every individual is not a professional photographer but everyone takes photos at least using their camera phones. You don’t have to travel too far or take risks to participate in the contest. You just have to step out of your house or look out of you window to take a snap of your true neighbors, it might be crows, pigeons, dogs, cats, squirrels, vultures, eagles, cows, flies, moths, fruits, trees, plants,  and all those living things which are pampered by the Mother Nature except human being.

Take a snap and send it to along with your name, contact number, email id, facebook profile or facebook page url.

What we do?

Your photos will be published in the website along with your facebook profile id / facebook page url and it will be rated by the Balan Madhavan.

Pick Up your camera and start clicking.  Take the first step to become an acclaimed nature / wildlife photographer.

NB : Your email id and contact number will not be published in the website only your name and facebook details will be published.

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