KSCSTE Fellowships announced

Dr.PR Sudhakaran (Biochemistry); Prof.VP Narayanan Nampoori (Optoelectronics); Dr.N Sasidharan (Taxonomy); Dr.Krishnankutty K; (Chemistry) Dr. KV Lazar (Zoology); Dr. A Krishnamoorthy (Mathematics); Dr.Muraleedhara Varriar (Nuclear Physics) and Dr. S Sivaramakrishnan (Biochemistry) have been awarded the Emeritus fellowship. The terms and conditions of the fellowship are in line with those prescribed by the CSIR.

Six post-doctoral fellowships have also been awarded. Dr. Abitha Murali, Dr. Aravind SR and Dr. Nishanth Kumar S will benefit from fellowships for higher research in  Biotechnology; Dr.SandhyaKumari.L, and Dr. Silviya EK for Chemistry; and Dr Aju K. Asok for Microbiology.

The selection of the Emeritus Fellows was done after evaluating the academic credentials and research experience including experience in guiding and supervising research of the applicants. The quality of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals of repute, scientific activity as reflected by publications in recent years before retirement, and quality of the proposed research programme for capacity building in science Kerala’s scientific development were also considered.


Post doctoral fellows were selected based on the strength of the project and research achievements of the candidate. Detailed discussions were also held on the proposals.


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