KIMSHEALTH successfully removes chicken bone from a 16-year-old’s throat using Endoscopy

A successful endoscopic procedure at KIMSHEALTH here saved a lot of agony for a 16-year-old boy from Pathanapuram who accidentally swallowed a chicken wishbone, which got lodged in his throat.

The boy, under severe pain, was brought to KIMSHEALTH two days after he had swallowed the three legged bone piece, which was stuck at three places in his throat.

A thorough examination was conducted at KIMSHEALTH after which Dr Madhu Sasidharan, Consultant Gastroenterologist, used endoscopy to deftly remove the bone without splintering it. “The wishbone was 5 cms long,” Dr Sasidharan said.

The boy was brought to KIMSHEALTH after an ENT specialist near his home referred him there. The procedure was done the very same day and the boy was discharged soon after.

Food particles getting stuck in the throat can cause throat and chest infections. In such cases, the patient should be immediately taken to hospital and treated, the doctor added.     

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