Kerala’s medical tourism potential proved, yet again-569

Once again demonstrating the potential and promise of Kerala’s medical tourism, renowned laparoscopic and liver surgeon Prof Dr KP Haridas, Lords Hospital, Anayara, Trivandrum has successfully carried out a not-so-common liver resection surgery on a Maldivian patient recently.

Aminath Zeema
Aminath Zeema

Aminath Zeema, 44 years, arrived at the hospital with symptoms of weight and pain in lower abdomen. Diagnosis revealed a malignant tumour in the right lobe of her liver, extending to the left.  Immediate surgery was called for, to save the rest of the liver and to prevent the malignancy from spreading to other parts. Over a five-hour-long surgical procedure, 70 per cent of the liver weighing around 2 kg was removed.

“Liver, the largest organ of the human body is also rich in blood. Many major blood vessels pass through the liver, increasing chances of uncontrolled bleeding if extreme caution is not taken. Moreover the liver can tear easily and bleeds profusely when injured. All these make surgical interventions in the liver complex and challenging,” said Dr Haridas who is widely acknowledged for taking on cases declared inoperable at other centres.

Dr Haridas who owns the credit for successfully conducting the first liver resection in Trivandrum Medical College in 1980 and has 43 years of surgical experience behind him added, “Normally in resection surgeries, only up to 50 per cent of the liver is removed, but in this case I decided to resect 70 per cent, to rule out any possibility of the malignancy spreading and causing damage to other body parts. The patient is recuperating well; the remaining 30 per cent of the liver will help her lead a healthy life.”

Medical tourism is catching on in Kerala owing to the advantages of skilled manpower and low affordable costs associated with treatment. According to reports, in 2012 around 50,000 Maldivians visited India, the majority to Kerala for medical treatment. A CII-McKinsey report says that medical tourism in Kerala is expected to be worth $4 bllion by 2017.

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