Kasaragod General Hospital discharges last COVID-19 patient

Kasaragod’s General Hospital today discharged last of its 89 COVID-19 patients who were admitted since the outbreak of the disease last month.

The  Kerala Health Department views the  performance of  the hospital as an inspiring success story for others to emulate. In spite of treating the highest number of  COVID-19 patients in the state with meagre infrastructural facilities and even without the support of a medical college in the district, there have been no cases of death due to coronavirus.

Not only did they control the situation quickly with minimum infrastructure , they also started turning out a large number of negative cases within a few weeks and creditably ensured zero death. This can be showcased as a best global model.

The patient discharged today is a native of Anankur in the northern district of Kerala. He  was under treatment for 27 days following his return from Dubai. He was given a warm send off at 12 noon by the doctors and hospital staff.

According to the district administration, Kasaragod has conducted 4,112 tests so far of which 3,104 tested negative and the results of 833 are being awaited.

Of the 175 positive cases , only 12 are under treatment in other hospitals in the district now. Of them, seven had come from the Gulf and the remaining five were those in contact with them.

The meritorious team of doctors, nurses and other staff numbering 250 is led by Dr Rajaram K Kandiyil, Superintendent of the Kasaragod General Hospital.

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