Kappa Puttu

Tapioca (Kappa) – ½ kg grated
Puttu podi (powdered rice) – ½ cup
Coconut (grated) – 1 cup
Salt – to taste

Method of preparation
Boil some water in a pressure cooker. Now mix the grated tapioca with puttu podi (rice flour) by adding salt. No need to add water. After mixing, keep the contents aside.

When the pressure cooker starts letting out steam, place the puttu maker on top of the pressure cooker; fully covering the outlet of the steam nozzle. First put some grated coconut into the puttu maker and on top of it add some puttu podi (rice-flour) – kappa (tapioca) flour mixture.

Allow the steam to cook for about three minutes. Now remove the puttu-maker from the top of the cooker.

Serve hot. Relish your Kappa Puttu ideally with fish curry or chicken curry.

Courtesty : Kerala Tourism

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