Joy Alukkas and Cochin Cancer Society Joins Hands for Fight Cancer

Pic 2The CSR initiative is supported by the esteemed Cochin Cancer Society which aims to help poor patients to obtain expensive cancer treatment and is spearheaded by the esteemed Cancer Specialist Dr. V.P. Gangadharan. The Joyalukkas ‘Think Pink’ campaign is a non-profit initiative with the single minded objective to educate and inform all on the disease.

The month of October is celebrated world-wide as the month dedicated to building awareness, educating and empowering women on Breast Cancer. To complement the global drive, Joyalukkas launched ‘Think Pink’ in the UAE in the year 2011, as one of its main activities within its yearly CSR calendar. The Joyalukkas ‘Think Pink’ in the UAE is undertaken with the support of the Dubai Health Authority and a renowned Hospital Chain there and aims to drive awareness and educate society on the various aspects of breast cancer, including detection and care, via various activities.

“This year we are bringing the ‘Joyalukkas Think Pink’ in India with the support of the Cochin Cancer Society with the clear intention to educate and empower women in India in their fight against this dreaded disease. I would like to sincerely thank the Cochin Cancer Society and specially Dr. Gangadharan who has made immense contribution in this field for supporting this drive and helping us to extend our reach to more people and educate them on this disease,” said Joy Alukkas, Chairman & MD, Joyalukkas Group.

Joyalukkas ‘Think Pink’ was launched with an official function on 16th October 2013 in Kochiwhere pink balloons were released as a symbolic gesture towards the cause. The event was attended by Dr. V.P. Gangadharan,Deputy Mayor B Bhadra and various dignitaries and members of the Cochin Cancer Society.

Under the ‘Joyalukkas Think Pink’ umbrella,Joyalukkas plans to fund various road show activities and free check-ups at various locations and a special educational will also be distributed through Joyalukkas Showrooms and other locations. The Joyalukkas Think Pink Booklet will   feature detailed self -detection methods in addition to key facts of the disease plus feature articles and quotes from reputed personalities in support of this grand initiative. Other than this there are special orientation programs planned in universities in the month of October with the Cochin Cancer Society. Some operations will also be funded by Joyalukkas under this initiative.

Pic 3“Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in Kerala, the incidence being alarmingly high and on the increase. Every third female who comes to the clinic with cancer is coming with breast cancer. It is high time that the public is made aware of the fact that Breast cancer is preventable to a certain extent and can be detected early by simple screening procedures like Breast self examination and Mammogram. Breast self examination is the easiest and cheapest way to detect breast cancer in the early stage. The advantages of early detection are the high cure rate and the fact that you can preserve the breast. Early detection is the key for cure in Breast cancer. October being the month designated as Breast cancer month, let us join together to create awareness among the public that Breast cancer is preventable, detectable early and curable.” said Dr. V.P. Gangadharan, Cancer Specialist.

Under the ‘Joyalukkas Think Pink’ umbrella, various road shows and activities targeting women have been planned to give them a forum in which concerns and questions about breast cancer may be raised.  Popular radio stations will also be used as a medium to interact live with listeners, hear their stories and most importantly to educate and build awareness.


About Joyalukkas Group

Joyalukkas Group is a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate with varied business interests. The group operates its various business operations across Singapore, Malaysia, UK, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwaitand Qatar. The group businesses include jewellery retail, money exchange, fashion & textiles, luxury air charter & malls. Joyalukkas employs over 6,000 professionals worldwide and is one of the most awarded and recognized jewellery retail chains in the world.

About Cochin Cancer Society:

Cochin Cancer Society aims to help poor patients to obtain expensive cancer treatment. The charitable society was incorporated during the year 2004 when a group of like-minded persons joined hands along with Dr. V.P.Gangadharan, the main architect of this society. Dr.V.P.G, the pioneer Medical Oncologist in Kerala, currently heads the department of Medical and Pediatric oncology in Lakeshore Hospital &Welcarehospital .

The initial objective of the society was the welfare of the poorer section of society who could not obtain treatment for their cancer afflicted relatives. This was done by helping them start the correct treatment at subsidized rates followed by counseling for the family, helping them purchase medicines and rehabilitating them after the treatment. This scope was later on widened by helping them buy costly medicines at subsidized rates from medical wholesalers and manufacturers.

Later, the members of the society started supplying free homemade food to inpatients and their relatives. The society also obtained a home from one of its members for accommodating patients coming from far off places who are fearful of contracting infections after chemotherapy. The society has counselors in all districts of Kerala, some of whom have recovered from Cancer, to provide support and answer to the general queries that the patient or their families have. Currently the society provides One on One Counseling to deal with fears, dreads, anger, frustration, the feelings of helplessness and isolation.

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