Indo China Border Conflict – latest developments 2013

A conflict between China and India originated in the fifties both countries remains tense. The last challenge has been the Chinese Army, which entered into Indian territory and hung a banner controversy. China has more than 22,000 kilometers of borders. That means that in addition to being the fourth largest country in the world, there are many additional problems. One of them is almost 4,000 kilometers and is called Indian border. And is that although not much talk lately of that conflict, in recent weeks has returned to the geopolitical agenda of both countries.

The Indian government estimates that in 2012 there were approximately 400 Chinese military incursions into its territory. However, the last entry recorded liked less than normal. From New Delhi have reported that in mid-April, about 30 Chinese soldiers entered their territory. Does the news? This may not be detected out after actually put three tents, something not seen since 1986. Mean time the Indians have protested to the Chinese Embassy, ​​the military response has been a greater challenge.

While New Delhi threatens to retaliate if the camp is not removed from Beijing say there is no troops in Indian Territory. diplomacy could only try to fix something . So, the border conflict, which also includes other issues like Tibetan sovereignty or control of some rivers, seems to be solved by the way.

At the end of 2000, trade between China and India stood at 3,000 million. In 2011, the exchange of goods between the two countries exceeded 70,000 million, a figure that economic actors expect to reach 100,000 million in 2015.

In the case of China, the government already has enough of the fronts in the Indian Ocean with Koreans and Japanese. And with an economy growing at between 7 and 8%, the Asian giant is not interested in other conflict and less within the continent.

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