India is considering military assistance for Afghanistan

President Karzai has asked India for military assistance to the time after the NATO withdrawal. Despite his friendship with Afghanistan New Delhi must take into account the reactions of Pakistan and China.

Nearly a dozen times, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, India has already visited during his tenure. He is a popular guest who speaks perfect Hindi, he has spent several years as a student in India Shimla. Previously, India was generous. New Delhi is the largest donor in Afghanistan means in the region and has already invested two billion dollars in infrastructure and reconstruction projects. India and Afghanistan in 2011 went into a strategic partnership. Meanwhile, India is also training Afghan officers and police forces.
“India is ready to extend its support for institution-building in training and equipping the security forces, as far as India is possible,” President of India Pranab Mukherjee reiterated at the meeting with Karzai in New Delhi.

But this time the guest of Kabul wanted more. Karzai asked the Indian government explicitly for military aid to the fight against the Taliban to continue in 2014 even after the withdrawal of most foreign forces. “We have approached with a wish list to the Indian Government. Now it is up to India to decide whether this is feasible,” said Karzai talks with journalists.
What exactly was on the wish list, is not known. The Indian website reported, however, that Afghan President grenades, transport aircraft, trucks and material have requested for the construction of bridges. India produces barely even military equipment and weapons, but all of this imported largely from abroad, mainly from Russia.
“From the Afghan perspective, this request is reasonable,” says Afsar Karim, a former general of the Indian armed forces against the Deutsche Welle. “Afghanistan needs weapons systems and hardly anyone is willing to make these available Afghanistan.” If India einspringe here, Karim, it must also “the consequences in the region and especially the reaction of his neighbors to endure.” In plain English: It’s about the reaction of Pakistan. The question for the Indian government is so whether the deep friendship with Afghanistan would justify an Indian commitment to defense expert Karim from New Delhi.

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