India Celebrating Independence Day

Tomorrow, on the 15th August India celebrates its Independence Day (Swatantrata Divas).  In 1947 the country gained independence after almost 90 years of British colonial rule on this particular day. Across the country, the national flags will be hoisted and sweets will be distributed. The Prime Minister will hoist the flag at the Red Fort and holds a televised address.

Remembering  India’s Fight for Independence

“Each year on 15 August India celebrates its independence.  Independence Day, is one of the three national holidays.  On this day of 1947 it ended the colonial rule of the British. Protests against the British occupation had gained much importance after the first world war. Mahatma Gandhi began to preach his philosophy of nonviolent resistance. He called for demonstrations and the British and their products should be boycotted. As a peaceful demonstration was brutally suppressed by the British soldiers at Amritsar in April, 1919, took the anti-British attitude the entire nation. Gandhi was arrested many times in the following years. After his famous salt march, which was directed against the British salt monopoly, the mood in the country was so handled that were forced to negotiate with Gandhi the British.

 The major festivities take place in the capital, New Delhi. During the celebration the parliament will be decorated with flags, the Prime Minister holds a televised speech and throughout the country the national flag is hoisted ceremoniously. In addition to cultural events, it is also traditional in some regions of India to conduct competitions in kite flying.”

Tight safeguard has been deployed over the national capital ahead of Independence Day with thousands of armed security personnel unfurled across the capital city to keep   wakefulness and prevent terror attacks.  Central security agencies have given inputs to police that Pakistan-based terror outfits may try to target markets or places of strategic importance in the city. An elaborate security system has been put in place in and around the Red Fort where Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will unfold the Tricolour and deliver his address to the nation.

Happy Independence Day India!


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