Government pledges support for Consumerfed initiatives

CM inaugurates 45-day Onam-Ramzan fair

Inaugurating the 45-day Onam-Ramzan fair organized by the Department of Cooperation under the stewardship of Consumerfed here today, Shri Chandy said the special sales outlets being set up during the festival period will ensure the availability of items of daily “We will also make sure that the goods sold are of good quality,” he said.  “The quality of the items sold is as important as the cost, and lower prices at these outlets will not mean they The Chief Minister said the government will provide funds for all agencies working to control price rise including Civil Supplies Department, Horticorp and Consumerfed.

He also praised Consumerfed, the apex body of consumer cooperatives in the state, for coming up with new projects for public benefit and fully utilising their budgetary allocation.

Hon’ble Minister for Cooperation Shri C N Balakrishnan, who presided over the function, said all arrangements have been made to open the Consumerfed cooperative festival sales outlets at the district level from August 1, Thursday.

Other dignitaries at the inaugural function included Hon’ble Minister for Health Shri V S Sivakumar, Consumerfed president Adv Joy Thomas, State Cooperative Bank president Shri Kurien Joy, Cooperation Secretary Dr. V M Gopala Menon, Cooperative Registrar Shri Gopalakrishna Bhatt, Consumerfed vice president Shri N Sudarshan, Opposition leader in the Trivandrum Corporation Shri Johnson Joseph, and Councillor Smt Leelamma Isaac.

Consumerfed Managing Director Dr Riji G Nair delivered the welcome address and Director Smt Molly Stanley proposed thanks.

The Onam-Ramzan fair will be on from August 1 to September 15 this year. The subsidized sale of groceries and items of daily use will take place over the 45-day period at districtlevel fairs by co-operatives, Triveni department stores /supermarkets /megamarts, Neethi stores, Nanma stores and retail outlets run by service co-operative groups.

As per the instructions of Shri C N Balakrishnan, Consumerfed will carry out the programme in four phases through 45-day long fairs at the district level and the assembly constituency level, a 10-day co-operative Ramzan sale from August 1-10, and a 15-day co-operative Onam sale from September 1-15, 2013.

A total of 13 items will be sold at discounts of up to 30% at 14 district fairs and 140 sales festivals at the constituency level and the Ramzan and Onam fairs. These include four varieties of rice (at Rs 21/kg), sugar (Rs 26/kg), green gram (Rs 55/kg), Bengal gram (Rs 45/kg), black gram (Rs 42/kg), tuhar dal (Rs 45/kg), red beans (Rs 35/kg), coriander (Rs 60/kg), two varieties of chillies (Rs 55 and 76/kg) and coconut oil (Rs 62/kg).

The Ramzan special sale will be through 3,000 outlets spread across 14 districts including Triveni supermarkets, Nanma stores and Neethi stores run by cooperative groups. Besides the subsidized commodities consumers will be able to buy a special ‘Ramzan kit’ priced at Rs 400 and consisting of Biriyani rice, Dalda(500 g), Atta (1kg), Maida (1kg), Rava (1kg), Dates (500g), Powdered rice (1 kg), Tea (250 g), Coriander powder (250 g), Chilli powder (250 g) and Turmeric powder (250 g).

Similarly, the special Onam sales will take place at 4,000 outlets across the state and will have on sale the subsided items plus a special Triveni ‘payasam kit’. The fairs will be open on all days during, including Sundays. Consumers can buy the all of the specified subsidized items once during the 45-day period by producing their ration cards.

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