From films on blind lone to film extras women directors show the way at IFFI

Goa, 24th November 2013: From ‘blind’ teenage love in Indonesia to the plight of film extras in the Philippines, women directors at the International Film Festival of India spoke about their films which are being screened at the mega film event.

Mouly Surya’s film ‘What they don’t talk about when they talk about love’ set in Indonesia captures the sentiment of love amidst a school of visually impaired teenagers. She says that the film sensitively captures the manner in which teenage love ‘happens’ to those who are visually impaired.

“Teenage love is very superficial. In the school of visually impaired children, the film shows how they explore love using other senses,” she said. Surya said that she had been developing the film for over three years.

Maria Douza’s Greek film ‘Tree and the Swing’ captures the phenomenon of immigration in Greece right from the time it just emerged as a trend and to now when assimilation at least to a certain degree has begun to happen.

“It is about migration and its effects on a family and relationships. Migration is a movement of people by force, desire and necessity,” she said explaining the underlying theme of the film.

Filipino actress Ruby Ruz spoke about her film which deals with the life of film extras in the Philippines, who she says are poorly paid amidst poor conditions.

The film she said, was based on the happenings around the sets of television soaps, which are immensely popular in that country.

“It tracks down the lives of extras around a soap who are normally ignored. It’s the first such film based on their lives and is therefore creating a lot of interest,” Ruz said.

A first timer to India executive producer Eleni Bertes of Greek film ‘Joy’ said that this was her first visit to India and that it was an immense cultural experience.


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