Cricket and Rishiraj Singh

His efforts to keep erring motorists out of the road was lauded by many. Now, Transport Commissioner Rishi Raj Singh will be seen hitting the ball out of the stadium, at the inaugural match of SBT Journalist Premier League on Thursday. He is wielding the bat for the star studded celebrity team, also comprising film stars, MLAs and politicians that will go against the Trivandrum Press Club Team.

In the midst of the official responsibilities, the moustachioed officer known for his stern ways of maintaining law and order, shared his thoughts about the first ever JPL and also the role of cricket in his life.

He says that he is an ardent admirer of the original little master Sunil Gavaskar. He also cherished his participation in the state level cricket matches, leading his team as a captain, a role which he still continues to play albeit in a different ball game.

“While I was in Hyderabad for the IPS training, I was astounded by the performance of Javed Miandad in the Sharjah cup finals which bestowed Pakistan’s victory against India. I am also a critical enthusiast of the game. I completely respect the ‘Master Blaster’, Sachin Tendulkar who immensely contributed to elevate team India’s game to top level,” said Rishi Raj Singh.

He also opined that Journalist Premier League (JPL) will be a kind of entertainment rather than competitions as the participants are not the professional players. “I foresee the league matches with great expectations. Such events should be regularly conducted every year in order to bridge the gap between people hailing from different strata of the society,” Singh said.

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