All types of films must prosper in a democratic country like India: Shabhana Azmi

“All types of films must prosper in a democratic country like India” remarked Shabhana Azmi, one of the pioneering personas of new wave films in India. She was speaking at press conference organized as the part of this year’s IFFK. She expressed happiness in the role of film festival in bringing together great pieces of art from all over the world and rejoiced over the huge participation of audience.

Answering a question regarding social responsibility in films she believed it depends mainly on the choice of director. “My family and the way in which I was bought up influenced my selection of movies across all genres” remarked Azmi.
She showed trust and faith on the upcoming directors as they were reflecting reality based on what they have seen and experienced which includes city life. Whereas masters like Satyajith ray and Mrinal Sen portrayed rural life’s in their film as it was the reality they have seen in their life time. While answering to a question regarding whether she is interested in acting in Malayalam movies, Azmi said, while acting it was important for her to understand the meaning of the language. She also expressed her views on government aid for films. Government must play bigger role in the making and distribution of good cinemas, she said.

Azmi was really rejoiced on the fact that many women are the part of film making processing in the 21st century. She reserved her views on celebration of women sexuality in mainstream movies. At present film cameras are used as an instrument of making women as an object of sexuality, Azmi pointed her concern.

Being a noted social activist, Azmi mentioned about the ‘Homes for slum dwellers’ initiative organized by charity NGO Niwara Hakh under which 50000 homes were built for them in Mumbai. She stressed on the need of having a land bank for the weaker section of the society.
She also pointed out the need for having special film complexes across major cities in India. On a lighter note she turned down the future prospects of directing a movie by saying it requires a significant amount of hard work.
The press conference was also attended by Chalachitra Academy Chairman Priyadarshan and IFFK Artistic Director Bina Paul.

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