Air Horns Prohibhited in Kerala

It is banned to use air horns in vehicles in kerala. Even after official ban many vehicles are still using air horns. Using of air horns in vehicles is prohibited by law under motor vehicle law 119(2). Horns which produce sounds in the range of 85 to 105 are allowed to be used in vehicles.

Air horns which produce sound beyond the above mentioned range usually creates sound pollution and it is unpleasent and harmful to ears.

With the use of these air horns in vehicles many accidents are happening in kerala roads. As per press release from transport commissioners office, people who are using air horns in their vehicles mus immediatly remove them. For those who continue to use these illegal horns will be deprived of fitness certificate for their vehicles in future.

A campaign named Special air horn drive has been initiated and will be underway from August 1st to August 14 to take stringent action against those using air horns.

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