Controversial circular on muslim marriages

Govt. to modify circular on marriage age of Muslim women

An official circular directing local bodies to register marriages of Muslim girls above the age of 16 and men who have not attained the age of 21 years has ignited a new controversy in kerala. The circular issued by the Local Self Government department has directed registrars to register marriages between Muslim males aged less than 21 and females aged less than 18 if they are certified by the concerned religious regulatory authority.

The pro-Left women and cultural organizations have come out against the circular, which, they said, would push the state to medieval ages but Muslim League has taken the stand that it is not an issue of reducing the age. The education minister of kerala has told that the marriage at the minor age of 16 will not affect the education of the children and both of the them can go hand in hand. VS Achuthanandan has also protested against this circular and he also stated that it is against the court verdicts. Many youth organizations have protested against this.

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