Kerala Student Kidnaped and Gang raped in Manipal, Karnataka

27th June 2013 : Police has arrested two persons associated with this rape case. The culprits named yogesh and hari are hailing from the place named Iriyadukka in Mangalore.  Yogesh has been admitted to the Kasturba Medical college as he had taken in poison. The third culprit has been escaped to Goa.


The girl has recorded her statement with police.  Sketches of 3 persons has been prepared based on the information from the girl. Girl has informed that she has been brutally gang-raped for about 3 hours.


3 Persons has been arrested with regard to the case by the uduppi police and their identities has not been revealed by the police.

The girl who is in the hospital is recovering but mentally depressed.

Students of manipal university is conducting dharna with regard to this incident.


A 22-year-old student of medicine hailing from trivandrum was allegedly abducted from near her college in Manipal and gang raped by three men on Thursday night. The student was returning to her room from the library late last night and gang raped outside the campus and later on abandoned her near her flat at about 2.30 AM Friday after the brutality.

The rapists included an auto rickshaw driver and his 2 friends. The girl dropped her purse during the scuffle and the engineering student came to know about her identity from it and informed campus security and the victim has suffered a fracture in the legs and injuries on her hands and neck.

This incident has happened in a situation when the delhi gang rape is still live in the minds of people in the country. The girl’s condition being serious has been admitted to the intensive care unit of Kasturba Medical College Hospital.

Hundreds of students today protested against the incident and demanded immediate arrest of the persons responsible for the crime.

The police said that they expected to catch the culprits soon with the help of the CCTV footage available at the university.

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