‘You are an amazing Man’ said Prince Charles

It is not the waterfall and rain forest in athirapally which has amazed the British Prince who is currently in kerala. It is Vava Suresh. Stunned by the life story and current life of Vava Suresh, the Prince has told our Vava suresh that “You are an Amazing Man”. The conversation between Vava suresh and the Prince has continued for 15 mins in Athirapally. At first the Prince has asked Vava at which age he has started snake rescuing. The Prince got wondered by the answer of Vava suresh that he has started the rescue mission at the age of 12 years and he has been continuing the process for the past 25 years. Secondly the Prince has asked doesn’t he afraid while capturing snakes, Vava has replied that he is not. The Prince was astonished by his answer of suresh that he has captured more than 35,000 snakes till now. When Vava has told that he has been bitten by snakes 266 times in his rescue mission the Prince has applauded Vava suresh. Vava suresh has also explained his bitter experiences while on his mission along with the recent attack by otter. The Prince as introduced Vava suresh to birish media persons who has been following the Prince on his kerala visit. Vava suresh is now a star not only in kerala but also in britain.

Recently Vava suresh has been awarded the Madhavan Pillai Foundation Award by Menaka Gandhi. While on his visit the minister Vava suresh has been accompanied by the foundation chaiman Balan Madhavan and other persons like Mari who has also been awarded by the madhavan pillai foundation.

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