Is another vilappilsala in the making in attakulangara?

With the shutdown of vilappilsala garbage disposal plant in trivandrum people of trivandrum and the corporation has gone for a wild goose chase for find the perfect location for disposing the waste. The place on the way from killipalam to attakulangara commonly known as the attakulagara is now a heaven for disposing of the city wastes for common man as well as corporation. The people living around the place hint of another vilappilsala in the making as the government has given silent permission for everyone to dump wastes in trivandrum.

The place has become the pradise of straydogs, crows and vultures to feed. It is buffet for animals and birds right in the centre of the city. People living near by have complained several times against this meance to the government but no move has been taken. Earilier in the year 1996, the people living around had approached the high court and secured a verdict against the dumping of waste in the place but who obeys it. It is time for people to come out and protest against this menace as it is going to affect our childrens as well as our life in the place.

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