Sanjay Vijayakumar about Startup Village in Cochin, Kerala

If you are brilliant and dare to go forward with your innovative idea then start up village can create the much needed atmosphere and provide the facilities to usher in your business. This was told by Sanjay Vijaykumar, who is the chairman of startup village while attending the meet the press organized in the press club trivandrum. Startup village is able to reach its heights in the shortest period of time and about 1000 applications are pending before the start up village for incubation.

He stated that after completing his engineering degree he could have gone to silicon valley but continuing a career in trivandrum has paved the way for many other entrepreneus to stay in kerala by starting new ventures. States like Andhra Pradesh, Gujrath, Haryana and delhi states have earlier given offers to shift the location of startup village to their states but sanjay has decided to continue here in cochin itself.

Kerala is not providing much needed facilities with regard to entrepreneurship when compared what si currently offered by silicon valley, sanjay said. Comparing the intellience level of engineers in silicon valley and kerala both are equally good but the amount of encouragement given by the government is meagre when compared to its counter part, sanjay Said.

Currently in the field of information there technolgy there are companies which offer services as well as proudcts. Companies in silicon valley are concentrated mainly in the service sector and the future is for products sector in the IT field. The atmosphere in kerala is not got for the products sector and start up village is promoting companies in that sector. With regard to the products sector there will be no income from the business for the first 3 years and that is the reason why people are restraining from the same.

Sanjay has also told that there are immense opportunities in kerala which are not getting utlized. Now a days common man uses mobile phones which had the same intelligence of the computer which has landed man on moon and within 2 or 3 years everyone will be having smartphones in their hands. Sanjay has also stated that a big revolution is going to happen through internet and mobile phones.

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